Photography by Royce West

Be Part of an ACT Production

We want you! The Argenta Community Theater exists to provide dramatic storytelling that illuminates our collective human journey. We are a community theater that welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds.

Audition Info

Miracle on 34th Street

Auditions will be held on Saturday, September 16, from 11 AM – 4 PM. Callbacks will be held on Sunday, September 17. For audition appointments, please email

Cold Sides will be available at auditions. Some who audition will be asked to sing.

Medical Announcement

As Covid evolves, we want to be transparent about our health and wellness policy for cast and crew members. After consulting with multiple doctors, we have been advised that to best protect performers, volunteers, staff and audiences, everyone involved in a production should be vaccinated against Covid and Flu. 

Rehearsals will continue and shows will not be canceled because of a covid or flu outbreak. Cast members are encouraged to wear masks backstage if an outbreak does occur. It is important to note that if anyone has fever above 99, they should stay home until free of fever for 24 hours. If the show is running and a principle has a slight fever, they will be isolated in an area so they can perform. It will be up to each individual to disclose any medical information to the director or to fellow cast members. 

ACT recognizes and respects everyone’s personal beliefs on this public health issue, however, after multiple shutdowns, we have learned that to operate successfully in our community we must have a policy that makes sense and one that is similar to schools, private businesses and other entertainment venues. This policy is subject to change at any time based on health recommendations from the CDC and/or our medical advisory team here at ACT.

Anyone who does not agree with this policy should decline to participate.

Character Breakdown

The following roles will be cast for ACT’s production of Miracle on 34th Street. A cast of 25-30 is planned.

Kris KringleThe real Santa, wise and lovable, (preferred bearded). Presents 50+ 

Doris Walker– Career driven single mother, a realist, pragmatic. Presents 28+      

Susan Walker-Wise for her years, believes in Santa Claus     Presents 8-10

Fred Gayley– Romantic, idealist, love interest to Doris, pal to Susan, intrepid advocate for Kris. Presents 30+

Mr. Macy– Important featured role, knows a good gimmick when he sees one. Own’s Macy’s. Presents 50+

Doctor Pierce-Resident physician at the Maplewood Home, kind hearted.  He believes. Presents 30+

Judge Harper– Up for reelection and assigned a case he     doesn’t want. Kris’s competency hearing. Presents 50+

Mr. Mara– District attorney tasked with putting Santa in the state hospital. Presents 40+ 

ACT will also cast 8-10 additional adults and 8-10 children. These Actors will be cast in multiple roles and also as carolers.  Cold Sides will be available at auditions. By auditioning for one of the above roles, you may be cast in other similar roles.