Aids Quilt Community Project


July 2nd is the final due date for all quilt blocks. The sooner you can create them and get them back to the theatre, the better for our production team to begin the sewing of them together.

Have you seen the drag queen’s costumes these days? But seriously, because this is a theatre experience, you can totally use hot glue, Cricuts, permanent markers, photo creators, ANYTHING to the maximum. Just please keep in mind that it should stay intact for the run of show and possibly appear to look like it has been sewn.

NO!!!! We will work with you to make sure we are able to incorporate all of your blocks into our massive quilt! We are even asking our cast members to create some of their own during down time in rehearsal. Just make sure they are the required 2′ X 3′ size.

YES, you can be VERY creative in the creation of these memorials!!! If you choose to create a circular block, please adhere it to a rectangular secondary piece (not to exceed 2’X3′) so the block is indeed square in nature and can be sewn in accordingly.

We will display it at the theatre for the season and then a decision will be made as to who will receive the entire piece.

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If you have any questions, please email ACT’s Education & Administration Coordinator John Broadwater at